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What does living NICE mean to you?

If you ask ten people you’ll get ten different answers. Some say living NICE means being kind, thoughtful and generous. To others, volunteering your time and helping out where you can. Other answers might include making lots of money, owning a big house and fancy car. Some people see living NICE as traveling the world, while others prefer traveling the country in a big ol’ RV. Some of us want a quiet life in the country and others thrive in a fast paced, big city.

Hey, it’s all subjective. At Farmhouse Soul we believe there are some basic principles that can take whatever your definition of living NICE is and help you make it even better and more fulfilling.

Here’s our definition of Living NICE…

For us, NICE stands for Nurture, Inspire, Create and Evolve. Living NICE is a process, something we want to work towards and strive for on a daily basis. After some lengthy discussion, Patrick and I decided we wanted to make one of the primary focal points of Farmhouse Soul about positive and soul centered creative living. So, we began looking over words for a new tagline for the website. Patrick was pondering the word “nice” when he came up with the acronym. It was perfect for the message we want to promote; choose to live NICE.

At first glance, the words that make up the acronym for NICE are straightforward everyday words.  Take for example, nurture: to supply with nourishment, encourage and care for. These definitions all relate back to the human traits of caring, empathy and kindness.

The ripple effects of Living NICE…

Think of each of the NICE words as a pebble you throw into a calm glistening pool of water, creating expanding ripples that influence positive change. When we keep these words at the forefront of our minds and apply them in our daily interactions, they can have a profound impact on our lives and how we treat others and ourselves.

In a nutshell, that’s what Living NICE is all about. We hope you’ll join us in the Nice Life Evolution at Farmhouse Soul.  Our desire is to help you find creative inspiration, encouragement, enlightenment and meaning every day.

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Living NICE-Farmhouse Soul Blog