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We’re Patrick and Serafina Montgomery, the married creative team behind Farmhouse Soul. Patrick is a full time musician/songwriter, while also writing for
Farmhouse Soul. Creativity is my full time job and passion; working on the blog, my art and graphic design, photography, music, making jewelry and writing. Of the many collaborations Patrick and I have had, the most meaningful and successful would be our two (grown) kids. Our creative inspiration comes from nature, family, curiosity and a healthy appreciation for life.

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Like many of you, we believe there is a deep undeniable connection between creativity and the soul.

It has the power of producing this incredibly amazing feeling. Like when you finally come up with a creative solution to a big problem you’ve been losing sleep over. Or a meaningful project successfully comes together after weeks/months of creative brainstorming. That’s a very dynamic feeling to experience. We like to refer to it as “afterglow”; the creative emotion.

A Little More About The Blog-

What does the farmhouse represent?

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“A place where ideas are planted and nurtured.
Where creativity thrives upon endless inspiration
and the afterglow is cultivated, harvested and celebrated.”

How many times have you heard someone say, “I don’t have a creative bone in my body”?

Maybe you’ve even said it yourself. Don’t believe it. The truth is everyone is born with the gift of creativity. The common threads, even for those regarded as creative geniuses are determination, hard work and preparation. Each one is essential to bring forth our very best creations. Some people recognize their gifts early on, for others it’s a journey of self-discovery.

You might be asking, “What about inspiration?”

Yes, it plays a major role, too. You may already have some experience with how impossibly magical, elusive and frustrating inspiration can be. It is possible, however, to learn how to coax inspiration into view, instead of waiting and hoping it strikes out of nowhere.

At Farmhouse Soul we’re dedicated to helping you realize and believe in your creative abilities and dreams. We want to support you in building the confidence to share yourself, your ideas and creations with the world.


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For some fun, personal insights, check out our “Top 10 List”

10. Patrick is a condiment hoarder

9. Both of us are only children, but only one of us is spoiled. (Guess which one)

8. The human condition fascinates us.  We love hearing stories of people transforming negative situations in their lives through inspired plans of action, creativity, and determination.

7. We like being our own bossess and living the creative dream.

6. We crave a simple way of life as much as we crave chocolate and coffee. For us, it’s all about small gatherings with good friends and family. Grillin’ out on a beautiful day, lively conversation and belly laughs, playing board games (especially Taboo), sitting around a cozy fire and playing music.

5. At times, we’re a creative artistic mess, but in a good way. Organization isn’t one of our strong points, but hey we keep working on it.

4. We believe having a sense of humor is like a vaccine that protects against the insanity of what’s going on around you.

3. We are best friends.

2. Our backgrounds include music, art, business, marketing, photography, raising/showing horses, cooking, parenting and life. Not necessarily in that order.

1. We like to stay up past our bedtime.


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